Dale Ford

Dale got his intro to the radio industry driving drunk and trying to race an associate producer of a popular talk radio show on I-5 in Seattle, WA in 1999. That day didn't work out so well for him, he spent 151 days in jail. But it did start an almost 20 year friendship, his introduction to the radio business and paved the way for him to meet some incredible friends.

Years later he ended up sleeping on a futon in an extra bedroom of the Executive Producer of the same popular talk radio host's apartment. It was an almost deadly "stop at trader Joe's?" 2 years. But Dale says it was "worth every hangover."

Dale also saved his friend Brett once from beating up 5 people in a Las Vegas bar. It wasn't a good scene. At 5'4" the little fucker can scrap!

In his off time you will find Dale taking strippers on long walks down pit road at NASCAR events and enjoying craft beers.



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